Our Values

Willard’s values-based operating philosophy is governed by our company’s Mission, Vision and Values. These three elements provide everyone from the top managers to the newest employees with guidelines for making daily decisions in their job.

In simple terms, the Mission captures “what” we do as a company. Our vision provides an ongoing purpose for completing the mission. Perhaps most important, our Values describe “how” we treat one another and customers as we do business. In many ways, teaching, use and positive reinforcement of values-based decision making and behaviors is what truly differentiates Willard.

Willard Mission Statement: Our Mission is to help our customers maximize their profits by providing the highest quality people, products and services. We are dedicated to being the leader in technology and environmental stewardship, while investing in our employees’ development to support our customers.

Our Values: To grow and sustain mutually beneficial partnerships with our employees and our customers.

Ethical – “Doing the right thing

  • Demonstrating Integrity
  • Being Trustworthy
  • Being Accountable

Caring –Servicing the Needs of Employees, Customers,. Community, Environment and Company

  • Leading in Environmental Stewardship
  • Valuing Relationships and Partnerships
  • Achieving Safety in the Workplace
  • Respecting Other
  • Sharing Success and Expressing
  • Appreciation

Excellence –Exceeding Expectations

  • Providing Superior Service
  • Products and Technology
  • Developing Skills and Knowledge
  • Fostering Continuous Improvement through Effective Communication

Innovation –Leading in Solutions, Products and Technology

  • Enhancing Our Processes through People and Technology
  • Embracing Change
  • Demonstrating the Willingness and Ability to Adapt

Commitment –Being Here to Stay

  • Developing People to Their Full Potential
  • Providing Resources for Successful Growth
  • Demonstrating Loyalty
  • Ambition and a Positive Attitude