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Southwest Fertilizer Conference Hall of Fame

De Willard was recently inducted into the Southwest Fertilizer Conference (SWFC) Fertilizer Hall of Fame.  The SWFC Fertilizer Hall of Fame program is designed to recognize those individuals that have significantly affected the fertilizer industry, both past and present. The award recognizes individuals that have retired from the fertilizer industry for more than five years, or are deceased.  Fortunately for us, while technically retired, De is still very active and involved with the Willard Business he created nearly 50 years ago.  The Willard company is owned and run by his two sons Billy and Bob.  De’s vision to provide a mutually beneficial partnership with our customers continues every day at Willard Agri Service. Willard is dedicated to being the leader in technology and environmental stewardship while investing in our employee’s development to support our customers.

Pictured are three generations actively involved in the Willard Ag business:  From left to right:  Matthew Willard, Operations Manager at Willard Agri-Service, Greenwood, LLC, Billy Willard, CEO, De Willard, Founder and Bob Willard.