To maximize our customers' profitability we provide field by field customized plant nutrition, as well as highly efficient specialty fertilizers, micros, biostimulants and crop protection products.


Your farm and fields are all unique and have specific nutrient requirements to maximize your profitability. Willard Agri-Service has a 45 year proven track record of being the industry leader in customized liquid blended fertilizer. We can deliver or apply these nutrients to your operation on a field by field basis that drives your cost per bushel down and your profits up. Expert agronomic recommendations from the most experienced team in the business, supported by first in class logistics, define our Nutriblend line of plant food.

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Bio Growth

The Biogrowth product lines biologically enhancing plant growth. We learn more every day about the relationship between genes, microbes, plant hormones and nutrition. Enhancing these relationships to optimize nutrient uptake, manage stress in your crops and increase your profitability is what the Biogrowth line of products is designed for.

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The first 30 days of a plant's life sets the Attainable yield potential, therefore, nourishing root and shoot development properly is crucial. With very safe and high quality liquid fertilizers that are designed to jump start your crop, you can count on the InFurrow line of products to take your production to the next level.

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Our Foliomate line of foliar fertilizers is designed around a new understanding for feed the plant technologies. The goal is to enhance and supplement all plant nutrition with timely targeted foliar applications at crucial crop development stages. It encompasses 2 key elements: 1. Targeted micro nutrients that stimulate improved plant health and growth 2. We include new technologies for improved compatibility and nutrient uptake.

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TerraFuze Technology

TerraFuze Technology is cutting edge SOIL active technology. While it includes refined humic acid technology, it goes well beyond the capabilities of traditional humic acids by incorporating multiple advanced soil active ingredients. Bottom line: If you are looking for the latest and most powerful tool available to not only protect the fertilizer you are placing in your fields but to also release the residual nutrients in your soil, give one of our TerraFuze technology fertilizers a try. Remember, TerraFuze is a SOIL active technology so be sure to combine it with Biogrowth NE PLANT active technology for taking your yields to the next level of profit!

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Branch Creek

Branch Creek is in the business of helping all farmers increase profitability by nourishing their soil’s health. This unique focus brings the best technology to bear on every acre! If you are an organic producer we have great OMRI certified programs to take the guess work out of your organic nutrient plan. If you are working to build soil health on a conventional acre check out some of the resources available here. You might be surprised at what you find!

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